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Tech-M Group is born

DNC PACKAGING and EARFLAP join our destinies and we have created TECH-M Group, the alliance under which we now work as a single ...
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Automate to be more sustainable

Now that it is more necessary than ever to put sustainability at the center of all our actions, both at a personal and corporate level, we want to show how...
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The importance of a good pre-stretching

In a world that is increasingly aware of the need to reduce plastic consumption, companies must look for solutions to adapt to new regulations...
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Robotics specialists

At DNC we are pioneers in the integration of robots for packaging applications and we believe that using this type of technology is not an option, it is an essential necessity...
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Your end of line in the best hands

Consumption and distribution habits have changed radically in recent years, especially with the explosion of e-commerce. This, added to the growing demands of sectors...
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Big installations in small spaces? Yes!

It is possible to do big installations in small spaces, you just have to have the right equipment and at DNC Packaging Machinery we can help you...
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