The importance of a good pre-stretching


In a world that is increasingly aware of the need to reduce plastic consumption, companies must look for solutions to adapt to new regulations and environmental requirements. With the entry into force of the new European Union tax on non-recycled plastics, companies must consider how to save on this material without compromising the quality of their packaging. One of the processes where many companies question how they can reduce plastic consumption is wrapping pallets. The answer is in a good pallet stretch-wrapping machine that has a quality pre-stretch combined with a good film.

Pre-stretching is a process that allows the plastic film to be stretched before wrapping the pallet, thus increasing its efficiency and resistance. This technique makes it possible to considerably reduce the amount of plastic used in the packaging, since a larger surface can be covered with the same material. In this way, companies can comply with environmental requirements and save costs against the new EU tax.

Films with recycled plastic might seem an attractive solution at first sight, but in reality they do not offer the same advantages as a film made from virgin material: recycled films do not allow a significant reduction in plastic consumption and are weaker and less resistant than conventional plastics, which can cause damage to the cargo and, ultimately, increase the company's costs. It is also very important to control which film we are buying; many eco-labeled films have appeared on the market that do not actually contain recycled plastic.

From DNC we can help you optimize your pallet wrapping process. We have the knowledge of more than 25 years of working on it and equipments with recognized prestige in the market precisely because of the high performance of their pre-stretching. Contact us and we'll find the best way for you to save money while protecting your product.

And be clear: in this process, as of today, there are no alternatives or shortcuts.

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