Automate to be more sustainable


Now that it is more necessary than ever to put sustainability at the center of all our actions, both at a personal and corporate level, we want to show how from the automation of end-of-line processes we can contribute to improving the relationship of our companies with their environment, both from an environmental and social and labor point of view.

Automation implies a reduction in consumption, both energy and material. The optimization process of all the processes allows us to realize them with the minimum expenditure of energy and the use of the quantity of raw material strictly necessary, knowing that, in addition, we will have totally regular processes that will keep these consumptions stable.

Automating also contributes to drastically reducing waste due to product or material losses. First of all, because mistakes and accidents are eliminated, but above all, by improving the performance of the packaging, giving a greater degree of protection to our products during storage and, especially, during transport.

In transport, with all the associated environmental burdens, we also make an important impact as we can get the most out of each trip by optimizing the design and performance of the packaging.

And, finally, where automation takes on great relevance is in the improvement of working conditions, being able to delegate to the machines all those tasks of handling heavy or monotonous loads. Automatic processes also lead to safer work environments, drastically reducing the number of accidents.

It is important, then, to carry out a good evaluation of our end-of-line processes; for sure we will find improvements to implement that will give us immediate results even beyond the company itself.

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