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Consumption and distribution habits have changed radically in recent years, especially with the explosion of e-commerce. This, added to the growing demands of sectors that already existed, such as the meat, automotive, metallurgical and pharmaceutical industries, requires increasingly efficient machinery that adapts to any situation and is completely customised for each project. And at DNC we know this.

For more than 25 years we have had the experience and the necessary equipment to develop complete end-of-line projects: case erectors, case packers, case sealers, palletisers and pallet wrappers.

At DNC we are manufacturers, which gives us the capacity to customise all the equipment for your products and to carry out 100% customised projects. We adapt to your production and automation needs, always guaranteeing high productivity and efficiency.

The key to success is to make a good diagnosis of what your business needs. And at DNC we have the right people for this. Let our professionals advise you; a resolute, committed and expert team that will be at your service to start making your ideas a reality.

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